Welcome to Russian Readers!

Hello and welcome to Russian Readers, and to our first blog post! We are small team of Russian language teachers, linguists, content creators, and students dedicated to sharing the Russian language!

When teaching our own children Russian, we found that there were not many resources (specifically books), to guide native-English speakers from "beginner" to "advanced" Russian. We started writing and recording our own audiobooks, and Russian Readers was born!

Our goal is to add new content every week, to provide the student learning Russian with a curated library of content. Soon, we will have an app on the Apple and Google app stores, where all our eBooks can be conveniently accessed!

Thank you for joining us on your journey as you learn Russian. Join our mailing list and we'll keep you up to date with our latest news. More importantly, we'll keep adding content so you have fresh material to enjoy every step of the way!

- Luke